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The population of Arkansas reached 3,017,804 in 2019. In line with previous estimates, the counties in Central Arkansas and Northwest Arkansas remain the most populous in the state. With 391,911 inhabitants, Pulaski is still the state’s most populated county, followed by Benton (279,141) and Washington Counties (239,187). The counties with the smallest populations are Calhoun (5,227), Woodruff (6,466), and Lafayette (6,679).

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Consistent with well-established trends, Central and Northwest Arkansas remain the fastest growing areas in the state. Benton County had the state’s highest growth rate with a population increase of 26.1%, followed by Washington County at 17.8%. However, most counties in Arkansas lost population. This loss was particularly acute for counties in or adjacent to the Mississippi River Delta, many of which suffered population reductions in excess of 10%. A prime example is Phillips County, which lost 18.3% of its population, more than any other county in the state.

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