TotalForeign BornNative
Total (2018)3,013,825143,7092,870,116
Total (2010)2,921,606131,6672,789,939
Growth (2010-2018)92,21912,042801,77
Growth % (2010-2018)3.2%9.1%2.9%
Percent (2018)---4.8%95.2%

Table 1 indicates that 4.8% of Arkansas residents in 2018 were born outside of the United States, up slightly from 4.5% in 2010, according to the latest estimates from the Census Bureau. The actual number of foreign born residents in the state increased just over 9% from 131,667 in 2010 to 143,709 in 2018.

TotalForeign BornNative
Median Age38.139.738
Labor force (2018)57.971.157.1
Unemployment (2018)
Poverty (2018)
MHI (2018)47,06247,78647,004
Completed bachellor's or higher (2018)23.320.323.5

Table 2 shows that the median age for Arkansas residents born outside the United States is 39.7 years of age. Since most of the state’s foreign born population is between the ages of 15 and 54, the percentage in the labor force is significantly higher than among native born residents. A smaller percentage of foreign born residents hold bachelor degrees or higher when compared with native Arkansans although the median income for members of foreign born households is slightly higher.  The unemployment rate and the percentage of households in poverty is higher among native residents.

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