The Economic Census. See how it all adds up.

Release Number: CB18-TPS.16

The U.S. Census Bureau will mail out instructions for filling out the Economic Census to businesses nationwide in early May.

U.S. businesses – including those in U.S. territories – will receive information by mail with instructions to set up an account to complete their Economic Census online. Data will be collected for approximately 3.7 million business locations. The deadline for response is June 12.

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Companies report their 2017 year-end numbers for each business location, including sales or revenue, employment, payroll, and industry-specific information. By law, all responses are kept confidential and company data are used for statistical purposes only.

The Economic Census serves as the most comprehensive source of data related to business activity. By completing the census, companies are contributing to a wealth of valuable data—and sometimes surprising insights—that can help grow their business. Results from the Economic Census are free and available online.

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