This interactive, data visualization allows users to quickly understand what areas of the country had high or low return rates in the 2010 census, and the current demographic makeup of these neighborhoods. This information allows non-profits, local and federal government, and policy makers to identify areas that may need more engagement in Census Bureau surveys. The navigator combines the 2010 census mail return rate and latest American Community Survey statistics down to the census tract level.

Begin by hovering over a state to see the 2010 Census Mail Return Rate appear within the tooltip (hover-over box that appears), next click on a state to engage the surrounding charts and graphs, then follow the prompts within the tooltip to discover more.

At the census tract level, enter a geography (eg. zip code) in the map search box to view a specific area or use the pan and zoom tools contained within the map. Once completed, click the home button on the map or the browser refresh button to reset the visualization before continuing. If there is no map at the tract view, click on the home button inside the map to reset the view.

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