Population Estimates

According to the July 1, 2023 population estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau today, Little Rock remains the largest city in Arkansas with a population of 203,842.  Fayetteville is the next largest city with a population of 101,680, approximately half that of Little Rock. The rest of the top 10 most populous cities are shown in the chart below.

Numeric Change in Population

The city of Centerton gained 2,413 people from July 1, 2022 to July 1, 2023, which was the largest increase in Arkansas.  Fayetteville and Conway both experienced a growth of over 1,900 people. This growth pushed Fayetteville over the 100,000 population threshold for the first time. The following chart shows the other cities that rounded out the top 10 largest gaining cities.

Pine Bluff lost the most population (-446) in the state from 2022 to 2023. It was followed by Fort Smith (-310), Helena-West Helena (-229), and El Dorado (-223).

Percent Change in Population

From July 1, 2022 to July 1, 2023 Tontitown was the fastest growing city in Arkansas of those with at least 1,000 population. It experienced a 12.9% increase in that year. Centerton (11.2%), Highfill (10.6%), and Pea Ridge (10.5%) also saw a large growth rate during this time period.

Conversely, the table below shows the cities with at least a population of 1,000 that are declining the fastest according to percent change.  Marianna tops the list by losing 3.6% of its population from 2022 to 2023.  It is followed closely by Eudora and Lake Village which both saw a 3.3% decrease.

Cities/Towns by Population Size 

There were 500 cities and towns in Arkansas in 2023 as seen in the table below. The overwhelming majority (432 of 500) of these incorporated places had a population under 5,000, while only 9 places had a population over 50,000.

Population Change by Size of City/Town

 The following table compares the average population growth by the size of the city/town in Arkansas. Places with a population of 5,000-9,999 and 20,000-49,999 saw the largest growth of 1.7% on average followed by places with a population of 50,000 or more at 1.2%. Places with a population of under 5,000 had the lowest average percent change at 0.0%.

Housing Units

Arkansas experienced a 1.0% increase in housing units from 1,395,483 in July 1, 2022 to 1,409,134 in July 1, 2023. This put the state at a rank of 21 among the 50 states and D.C. Within the state, Benton County had the largest housing unit growth at 4.0% followed by Faulkner and Craighead Counties (2.1%). The chart below shows the other counties in the top 10.

For More Information

The full subcounty estimate data can be found on this page and the housing unit estimate data can be found on this page.